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​What is Kyoto Kaisho?

       Kyoto Kaisho is a meeting of like minded people striving to make tradition relevent to contemporary life.  The word kaisho literally means "a place to meet." It is an old word that originated the late Heian period, and had great importance in the Middle Ages. The major traditional arts of Japan were born out of Kaisho gatherings at the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto during the Muramachi period. It was a gathering of likeminded people regardless of their status who understood the role of the arts to revitalize society.

      Kyoto Kaisho aims to be a modern version of the kaisho. Its focuses on vital elements of culture that are being lost or forgotten and works to bring people together to revitalize these traditions for future generations. Kaisho members are curators that bring creators, entrepreneurs and influencers together to experience, envision and create a more spiritually abundant society. 


               Tadahiro Konoe, 32nd generation patriarch of the Konoe family


Our Story

Kyoto Kaisho Foundation is dedicated to identifying and promoting undervalued cultural elements in Japan. Our projects focus on areas of Japan that offer powerful opportunities for cultural revival. Recent projects include promoting the ancient dyeing and weaving traditions of Kyoto; promoting samurai culture of Fukushima; reviving a major pilgrimage center in Fukuoka, and promoting the profound relationship between the arts and Zen.  


Educational activities include workshops with students and adults to promote civic pride and opportunities for cultural exchange beyond their local community. Most of the support for Kyoto Kaisho’s educational programs come from government grants. We are often dependent on the contributions of private supporters to realize many of our cultural projects.


Your Support

Your contribution to the Kyoto Kaisho Foundation will help to ensure that the communities we document, and the traditions they dedicate their lives to, will continue for future generations.

Please contact us for details on our programs and the benefits we offer.

Interested in supporting Kyoto Kaisho?

Request for support

Kyoto Kaisho's educational programs are mostly supported by government grants.

However, the actual recording of the filming and media outreach are supported by the support of individual people.

Your donation to Kyoto Kaisho helps ensure that the communities we record and the traditions to which they devote their lives are passed on to future generations.

For more information on our programs and benefits, or if you are interested in supporting Kyoto Kaisho, please contact us.

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