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​Primary Projects

From 2020 to 2023


Working with the Ministry of Environment to develop new Echo Tourism Vision

Advising on promotion of Okinawan culture with Japanese National Tourism Agency

Advising on promotion of traditional performing arts in Tono, Iwate with Japanese

National Tourism Agency 


Develop a sales and promotion scheme for Indian sari made by Kyoto Yu-zen artisans

​・Renovate the oldest hermitage on Mt. Hiko, in Fukuoka and revitalize the region's pilgrimage tradition and spiritual culture that was destroyed in the early Meiji era. 

Agency of Cultural Affairs program to promote the spiritual culture of the Okinawa people in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the return of the Okinawa islands to Japan. 

​Produce the Tatami Museum of the Arts to celebrate the influence of Zen on the arts


  • "Kyoto's old and noble family" documentary project (ongoing)

  • Eiheiji-Temple "ZEN Artist Residence" Project in Eiheiji Town, Fukui Prefecture

  • Niigata Prefecture "Jomon no Sato" town revitalization project

  • Publication of Kyoto-ha no Idenshi: Fifteen International Artists in Kyoto, Tanko-sa Publ.

  • ・Iwate Prefecture: Nui inbound revitalization project



  • Agency for Cultural Affairs "Cultural Arts Promotion Project at Universities"

  • Osaka University Graduate School of Culture " Birds Fly Over the Signs"  Human resources development program using the Wet-plate Collodion photography process.


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