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Everett Kennedy Brown

Founder & Director

A cross-cultural ambassador born in Washington, D.C., Everett has spent most of his adult life in Japan. He established the European Pressphoto Agency Japan bureau in 2003 and served as bureau chief for ten years. He also established Brownsfield farm, one of the leading sustainable living learning centers in Japan. He has taught at The University of Tokyo and Meiji University and has served as counselor for the Prime Minister's office and various government ministries.

As an artist he is recognized for his innovative approach to early photographic processes and his images are in the permanent collections of major international museums. He writes in Japanese and his books include: 日本力(Parco Publishing, co-authored with Seigo Matsuoka), Japanese Samurai Fashion (AkaAka Publishing), 失われゆく日本(Shogakkan Publishing), 先祖返りの国へ (Shobunsha Publishing), 京都派の遺伝子 (Tankosha Publising), Archaic Future (Harvest Publishing) and others.  He is the recipient of the Japanese Government's Commissioner's award for promoting Japanese culture.

Everett Kennedy Brown  Official Site


  •  Start of the "Old and Noble Families of Kyoto" project.

  • A guest professor at Shizenkan University.

  • Fukui Brand Ambassador of Fukui Prefecture.

  • As the general director of the "Eiheiji Temple, ZEN Artist Residence" project in Eiheiji Town, Fukui Prefecture, held an exhibition at Tatami Museum.

  • Iwate Prefecture inbound revitalization project. Organized the exhibition "Iwate, the Last Frontier" in Tono City. 


  • Certified by the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture as a member of the Research Promotion Committee on the "spirit and technique" of Japanese gardens.

  • Published new book "Archaic Future: Memories of One Connection" (Harvest Publishing)

  • Published new book "京都派の遺伝子(The Kyoto School genes: 15 people overseas creators) (Tankosha Publishing)

  • Published new book "先祖返りの国へ" (Shobunsha Publishing)

  • Exhibited "Japanese Noble Family Series" at Bunkamura Museum, Tokyo.

  • Exhibited landscape images at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia.

  • Exhibited images based on Japanese mythological themes at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • A series of his essays on Kyoto artists was serialized in the Kyoto Shimbun "The Kyoto".

  • Broadcast "Photographer Focuses On A Spiritual Japan" on NHK World.



Director: Junko "Sophie" Kakizaki 

She is an artist. Master of Ikebana Sogetsu school and French flower arrangement. Tea ceremony, Kimono culture promoter. Director of Kyoto Kaisho Foundation. The ambassador of the "Kyoto Yuzen Sari". Awarded for grand prize of “Kateigahou” magazine by cooking and flower arrangement. Learned flower arrangement and tea ceremony from her grandmother from her childhood. After getting an Ikebana master, she studied abroad in Paris to learn French flower arrangements. After completing the Les Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne, she received a Diploma at the “Ecole Française de Décoration Floral”and first class diploma of D.A.F.A. (Diplôme D’animation Florale Artistique). After she returned to Japan, she held a course that fused Ikebana and flower arrangements. After teaching for 12 years, she designs and produces jewelry that combines traditional Japanese crafts with haute couture embroidery. While traveling to more than 55 countries around the world, she now gives lectures and demonstrations on traditional Japanese culture such as kimono and tea ceremony in various parts of Europe and Taiwan. Based in Kyoto, she reinterprets traditional culture and art, disseminates it to the world, and devotes herself to writing, photography, and exhibition planning.

Atelier Junko Sophie  Artist Official Site

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  • The Ambassador of the Kyoto Yuzen Sari, recognized by the Japanese Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a project to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of foreign relations with India.

  • Japanese Culture Salon at Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur, India. Demonstration of tea ceremony.



  • Published new book "TASHINAMI: 9 Mindful Japanese Rituals to Feel Beautiful Inside Out" (GBS LLP, India)

  • Collaborated with Global Beauty Secrets, India, to develop "Kyoto Beauty Secrets by Junko Sophie," a skincare line based on the ancient culture and wisdom of Japan. The product was featured in "VOGUE", "INDIA TODAY" and many other press.

  • Started a series on "Junko Sophie's Hidden Kyoto" in Kyoto Kimono-Ichiba in Japanese, English, Chinese and French.



  • Introduced the "KIMONO PROJECT" at the Kyoto Art and Culture Forum, organized by the United Nations and Kyoto University of Arts as part of Imagine One World's KIMONO PROJECT.

  • Installation of kimono created by a Greek artist at Hogonji Temple in Kyoto. The photos were exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in Thessaloniki, Greece.


  • Appeared as American NBC's 2020 Olympics special program "Japanese women practicing traditional Japanese culture in modern times".

  • Lectured on Japanese culture and beauty, tea ceremony demonstrations in Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

  • Coordinated a Japanese photography tour "Soul of Japan" for members of the Royal Photographic Society of England.



  • Coordinated the documentary film "Gates of Shinto" by French film director Jean-Claude Lubtchansky.


  • Collaborated with Panasonic South Africa and South Africa national rugby captain Siya Kolisi. Appeared as a navigator of Japanese culture, coordinated, location hunter.


Collaborated with Alberto Moro, chairman of the Japan-Italian Cultural Friendship Association, in Milan, Italy. Lectured on "Kimono and their beauty" with demonstration of kimono dressing.



Collaborated with a magazine "A Propos du Japon" that introduces Japan in France. Interviews and photos about kimono and tea ceremony.